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Welcome those for whom i could did something or help with a problem.Your feedback will be very appreciated.Thank you for your trust, patience and understanding.I hope I can do something for you in the future.
Arnold Lebow - Manhatam

Mr. Lesnicki repaired my 50+ year old Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671)  after both shock mounts failed. I am very happy with the work he did at a reasonable price. Slawomir was extremely professional. He arrived on time and did the work on time. I am pleased to recommend without any reservations.
Janice Gewirtz  - Mountain Lakes, NJ

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did on our Eames lounge chairs. They feel like new. Please feel free to offer me as a reference. I’d be happy to sing your praises.Independent Fine Art Professional 
Tim Evans- Clinton NY

My early Eames rocker needed some very precise welding done to restore the iron base. I found Slawomir’s website and was impressed by what he said about other repairs he’d done. It was very easy to work with Slawomir and I felt my chair was in the hands of an experienced expert throughout the whole process. The repair was done in a timely manner, at a very fair price, and the results were exactly what I wanted. I look forward to working with Slawomir again and would recommend him to others without hesitation.
Michele Maher Masiello, Teacher, Stamford, Connecticut

I found Mr. Lesnicki by searching for Eames Chair repairs on the Internet. I was impressed with the information I found, so I contacted him. He asked for a picture of the chair that would illustrate what needed to be repaired. The problem was with the cushion, not the entire chair. He responded quickly, with 2 choices, one was considerably more than the other. He felt reasonably certain that he could do the cheaper of the two repairs, so I chose that option. He finished the work on time and delivered it to my home. The work he had done was excellent, but he found another problem when he was putting the cushion in place. He showed me what was wrong, and explained that if not repaired soon, the chair would be further damaged and it would be very expensive to repair. He also noted that the finish on the stool was damaged. I authorized him to take the entire chair and stool and repair them. He promised to do it within 3-4 weeks. Not only did he deliver on time, the quality of the work was amazing. The chair looks brand new, and you would never know that it had been repaired. The finish on the stool is perfect. Additionally, the entire repair work was less than $1,000.00. You can’t buy a new Eames chair for anything less than $5,000.00 these days, so you can see why I am so delighted to have found Mr. Lesnicki. I have already referred him to my sister-in-law, and she too has hired him to work on her chair. I also have a beautiful table that my dog chewed on. I am currently having it repaired by Mr. Lesnicki and am certain it will also be done perfectly. If you have any pieces that you truly value, you should not hesitate to have Mr. Lesnicki repair them for you. He is a master craftsman, and an honest, gentle man.
Marcy B. Freedman, Artist, Art historian, Nowy York

I have no hesitations in recommending Mr. Slawomir Lesnicki for a variety of reasons. First of all, he was prompt in his response to my requests for information, and he was patient when I posed additional questions. Secondly, his work on my Eames chair was impeccable, and the cost of the repair included the pick up and delivery of my chair. Thirdly, Mr. Lesnicki was polite, professional and on-time for all of our interactions. Should I need any furniture repairs in the future, I will contact him immediately.
Steve Berde, Spokane, Washington

I am very happy to write a testimonial of your fine work on my Eames chair. I am very happy with not only the work you did on repairing both arm rests on the chair but in how you communicated with me along the way. The leather matches perfectly. Your instruction on reinstalling the arm rests was very clear and your sending the longer screw along with four new screws was an incredibly helpful service which made the installation a breeze. I would be happy to provide a referral of your fine work at any time. All you have to do is ask.
Jeff Davis, Retired Art Director, New York

I bought my Eames Lounge Chair in 1964, when they still used Brazilian Rosewood. I am almost embarrased to mention that the cost was $320. It has been treated kindly, until an overweight relative pushed back on the chair and the shock mount failed. I researched multiple sites that repaired these chairs and chose Slawomir Lesnicki. His site showed pictures that were duplicates of my shock mount failure. He also showed several large containers filled with failed shock mounts he has replaced. His price was more than fair, he completed the work faster than promised, he picked up and delivered personally, at the times he promissed, and the workmanship is old world craftsmanship. He also touched up the venner and fixed a popped button. I am beyond pleased and strongly recommend this work to anyone who requires repairs to Eames 670’s. Mr. Lesnicki cares and it shows. I cannot say more.
Sid Schatzky, Antiques-Dealers, Massachusetts

I have been in the business of selling antiques for 30 years and am always looking for good restorers. I was so happy to have found Slawomir because he is a great one. He has been able to bring a number of my mid century pieces back to their original condition. I’ve always been extremely satisfied with the quality of his work. He is also been very reliable.
Al Cafaro - Staten Island

I sat in my Eames chair and it exploded! I found myself on the floor dazed with my chair in two shattered pieces. Where once there was sleek, smooth beautiful wood and leather there was now splinters and cavities, a shambles! I was in a frenzy. What to do? Was there any way this could possibly be repaired? I went on line and started to search. I came upon Slav’s site and wrote him a desperate email. He responded within a few hours and this was a Sunday night. He asked for pictures. I sent them. He got right back to me with a detailed explanation of what needed to be done and how much it would cost. The cost was very reasonable, frankly surprising given the devastation. He picked up my chair within three days and returned it to me three and a half weeks later and you cannot tell that anything ever happened! It’s like new! Slav takes great pride in his work, handles himself in a direct, professional manner, explains what needs to be done and does what he says. You will love the result. I am thrilled” Al Cafaro
Frank Perez, Albertson, New York

Look no further….This is where you need to get your Eames chair repaired. My dad purchased his chair 35 years ago and I was lucky enought to inherit the chair when he pasted. After 35 years it had seen better days and needed a facelift. Slawomir reupholstered the chair and ottoman and replaced the four rubber mounts. I am very very happy with the finished product. You can not find a better price and better quality work.
Diane Auslander, Manhattan, New York

I had the pleasure of having Slawomir repair my six month old Eames reclining chair. It had many scratches on the back of it. He did a fantastic job of removing the scratches and restoring the beauty of the wood. It looks brand new again. You would never know it was ever damaged. I also have an Eames stool with a few nicks in it that I wanted removed. He filled them in and retouche it . Once again, he did a wonderful job. The stool looks great. Pickup and delivery of the furniture was prompt. He’s a pleasure to deal with and a real professional.
Andrew Kozlowski, Photography, New York area

Although I do not have a Herman Miler Eames lounge chair at home, I have a lot of other modern furniture that needed reparation and restoration. All of my furniture I always give to Slawomir for repair. His service is excellent and for a very good price. I recommend his service to everyone who wants to quickly and efficiently fix their much loved furniture.
Christophe Bardot, Art Director/Designer, Norwalk, Connecticut

I inherited a vintage Brazilian rosewood veneer Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671) from my boss in December of 2012. Sadly the chair and ottoman were stored outside for 2 years and were in terrible condition. Leather was destroyed, the inlay wood was peeling apart, all hardware was rusted, bumpers were broken. After doing some research and talking to Herman Miller customer service and cabinet makers, the outlook was not promising. Yet I didn’t want to throw away such a beautiful and iconic piece. I came upon Slawomir’s site and being located In CT i thought he might be able to help. We talked on the phone and it was clear that he was passionate about the Eames Lounge, and extremely knowledgeable. The experience has been amazing. I sent him detailed pictures, he responded that he could not only save the chair but also use factory original materials to restore this piece to its original condition. He gave me an estimate and timeframe. He drove to my house, picked the broken chair and ottoman. Brought a selection of leather swatches that I could pick from (all original factory option). During the process he sent me many pictures of the progress. What Slawomir did to my chair has simply been amazing. The timeframe was met, budget was met after only one adjustment due to finding a couple parts that were broken that he could not have seen until he took the chair apart. He sent me pictures, kept me updated throughout the restoration and eventually delivered the chair to my home. The chair looks incredible. The craftsmanship and labor involved were beyond my expectations. The price was fair and his knowledge of these iconic chair is truly amazing. I highly recommend Slawomir to work on your Eames Lounge with confidence.
Barbara and Ed Meltsner, Manhattan, New York

We are very happy with the restoration work in our Eames chair. They are both very comfortable and again lovely to look at.The chair that you recovered looks like a new chair, and has been moved from the dental place of honor in the living room. Thank you so much for working with us to restore these chair to their original splendor. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Andrew Samett, Managing Director, Nyack, NY

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did in fixing and restoring my broken Eames chair. I had a hard time finding someone with the experience to fix it. I’m glad I found you on the internet. You picket up the chair exactly when you said you would and returned it the same way. Tha chair look like new at a very reasonable price. Thanks again. I’ve had this chair a long time and now will have it for a long time to come. I’d be happy to speak with anyone who is considering using you for their own restoration project.
Steve and Hanna Calcagni, Cheshire, Connecticut

Our Eames chair cushions look brand new and beautiful. Your work is fantastic! We inherited the chair from my grandfather and it is one of treasured possesions. I am so grateful to have found someone like you who can do such a beautiful speciality job. Please feel free to post this email on your website and or refer anyone to me personally if they require a testimonial for your work.

If you want to contact me you can email me and attach the pictures. Email contact is more helpful for me because seeing the photos I can figure out what the problem is, and estimate accurately the cost of repair. I will do my best to answer as soon as possible.

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